Welcome to Tinkers & Thinkers 2021

Ready to tinker?!

Tink, the Robot here. My human friends at Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District and the Pleasant Hill Library are super excited you're here to explore Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) with hundreds of fellow S.T.E.M. builders in the community today! 

Here are a few quick instructions to get you started:

Below is a series of informational and instructional videos (10 total) to watch at your own pace and convenience. Videos feature one of my all-time favorite humans, Patrick Remer, our amazing Pleasant Hill Librarian. 
Start with Video #1: Welcome & Unboxing and then move on from there. You also don't want to miss Video #9: Prizes!  

Each Maker Box contains the parts you need to complete six individual projects for children age 5 yrs & up. Close adult supervision is strongly recommended for younger children. There are also a few surprises inside the box like a hidden rainbow with a secret code to crack! Did you find it?

Note: You will need tape and scissors to complete some projects which are not included in the box.

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If your box is missing a part (The Tinker Team is made up of humans, not robots, after all), you may pick up a replacement part while supplies last at the temporary Pleasant Hill Library at City Hall from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on the day of the event (Saturday, 9/18).

If you have any additional questions related to the event, please view our
Event FAQ page.


We hope you have an epic day exploring S.T.E.M. with your family and pod pals!

Electronically yours,


Tink, The Robot


Watch Tinkers 2021 Recap Video!

2021 Tinkers & Thinkers Videos

Video 1: Welcome & Unboxing
Welcome! Let's open up our Tinker box together and take an inventory of what's inside!
Video 2: Optical Spinner Project
See the world differently with these experiments to fool the eye! More info on the science behind these spinners at www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/depth-spinner
Video 3: Dynamo Project
Power a colorful light without using a battery! Use a resistor to limit the current and avoid blowing out your LED.
Video 4: Zoetrope Project
Craft a theater for miniature movies. Then animate your own!
Video 5: Harmonicazoo Project
Make a little noise with this simple instrument!
Video 6: Motorized Gondola Project
Engineer a model elevated tramway that spans your room! This is the most complex project in your kit. Allow for plenty of time to craft your gondola car and refine your cable mechanism.
Video 7: Ice Globe (Extra) Project 
Reuse your balloon to discover some beautiful science. This project takes some patience (48 hours of freezing time) and a few other things from your kitchen.
For more information, click here
Video 8: Keep Tinkering
What will you build next?
Video 9: PRIZES!
Yep! We're giving even MORE free stuff away for you to tinker with! Dozens will win! Simply complete the survey HERE and tell us about your experience. Submit a photo or the rainbow "secret codeword" for more chances to win the grand prize!
Video 10: What's Inside A Gearbox Motor?
Here's a peek inside the motor that drives so many projects inside your Maker box!
That's all for now, folks!
Hope you were inspired, learned something new, and most importantly, had fun tinkering today! We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing all your amazing photos too! Complete survey here

A special shout-out to our event sponsors, the City of Pleasant Hill, Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library, the Pleasant Hill Community Foundation, and Republic Services. And a special thank you to all our volunteers who helped assemble, sort, pack, tape, and transport over 1,000 Maker boxes within one short week. Thank you. You are all OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Until we can all gather together in person again, keeping tinkering, and be well. 


Follow Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District on Facebook or Instagram @pleasanthillrec and the Pleasant Hill Library @pleasanthilllibrary. Tag your event photos with #PHTinkers2021

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