Q1. I registered but didn't get a chance to pick up my Maker Box. May I pick it up on Saturday (9/18)?

A1. Nope. The Pleasant Hill Community Center will be closed for private events over the weekend (9/18 & 9/19). We're pretty sure the brides and grooms wouldn't appreciate someone pounding on the door during their "I do-s". The GOOD NEWS is that you can still pick up your Maker Boxes next week on a first come first serve basis during the following time frame:

Monday, September 20- Friday, September 24
9:00 am- 12:00 pm
Pleasant Hill Community Center
320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill

Note: After September 24, 2021, any remaining Maker Boxes will be donated to local schools.
Q2. I didn't register. Are there any left-over Maker boxes?
A2. Maybe. There is a very limited supply of Maker boxes available. See information in A1 for late pick-up. 
Q3. My Maker Box is missing a part and/or a part is not functioning. Are replacement parts available?
A3. Yes (we like saying, yes). Replacement parts are available while supplies last on the day of the event (9/18) at the temporary Pleasant Hill Library during their regular business hours. Click here for temp library hours and location.
Q4. How long will the videos be posted?
A4. The videos will be online until at least the end of the year (2021)! 
Q5. What if I have a question about one of the projects? Is event staff available to contact for "technical" help?
A5. Nope. The goal of these projects is to inspire and activate creative problem-solving. We encourage you to work together with your family members and/or other pod pals to figure things out (or not). Evaluate. Discuss. Consider different solutions. Think outside the box (yes, pun intended). Call a friend or relative who might be able to share some insight. Remember, if the projects don't work out perfectly or if your kid wants to just color on the pages or perhaps wants to build something completely different with the parts, that's totally o.k.! In fact, we think it's great! There is a method to our madness. The fun is in the process and the connections. 
Q6. How do I enter the random drawing for more cool free stuff and a mind-boggling grand prize?
A6. Watch Video #9 and complete a (very short) survey here. If you upload photos (Please do, we love seeing your projects and smiling faces!) and crack the rainbow code word, you will increase your chances to win the grand prize. Random drawings for registered participants. 
Q7. O.k., I read all the FAQ above and STILL have a burning question. How can I get in touch with a human?

A7. Email Us. One of our Tinker Team members will be checking email throughout the day of the event. We appreciate your patience while waiting for a response. We don't have an a.i. bot available for live chat...yet. 
Q8. This is the coolest event ever! How can I get involved next year?
A8. WOW! Thanks! We'd love to hear from you! Please Email Us and we will reach out to you. 

Event FAQ

A big part of scientific discovery is problem-solving but sometimes we all need a little help from our friends to find the answers we are seeking. We got you! Here are some answers to common questions you may have about the Tinkers & Thinkers Innovation Faire event: