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How-To Project Videos 

Tinker Box Project Videos  

Ready to open your Tinker Box and see what's inside? We are too!

Now, you might want to use a little caution when opening your box. There are lots of loose bits and bobs, parts and pieces inside that may sneak out of the box and play a game of hide and seek with you. Keep an eye out for the sneaky little ones! 

Once box is open, select a project below and watch the how-to instructional videos to get started on your S.T.E.M.-tastic journey. Put on those thinking hats! Be creative! Think outside the box! Most importantly, have fun with family and friends while you work on the projects together. 

Happy Tinkering!

A special thank you to an incredible human, Patrick Remer, Senior Community Library Manager at the Pleasant Hill Library, who is featured in all these wonderful videos.

Video#2: Decoder Lens

Video#3: 3D Glasses

For more information on the Magnus Effect, click here 

Video #4: Curveball Flyer

Toothpick puzzle answers, click here 

For more on the math behind this project, click here 

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