Welcome to Tinkers & Thinkers 2022

Let's Explore S.T.E.M. Together!

Saturday, September 17
12:00-3:00 PM
Pleasant Hill Park & Pleasant Hill Senior Center
233 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill 

Hello! Tink, the Robot here.
My human friends at Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District and the Pleasant Hill Library are super excited to bring our award-winning Tinkers & Thinkers Innovation Faire back IN-PERSON at Pleasant Hill Park and the Pleasant Hill Senior Center this year! 
The "Tinker Team" is now carefully analyzing, creating, testing and evaluating several fun and exciting “hands-on” and make-and-take activities for the event. The goal is to find the best projects for a variety of abilities to explore and engage in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (S.T.E.M.)..art too!
Oh! And they are also reaching out to local makers, entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and educators so they can share their latest mind-blowing innovations at the event too! 

Got a cool S.T.E.M. innovation you want to share?
We'd love to hear from you! Email us

Calling all Young Innovators!
Show off your latest great ideas in our new Brightest Young Minds showcase.
Want more information? Email us
Please check back to this website for updates and news.

We can't wait to see you in person once again! 
Over and out!
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Tinkers & Thinkers Brought to you by Pleasant Hill Library and Pleasant Hill Rec & Park District.
Thank you to our main event sponsors, Republic Services, City of Pleasant Hill, and Laura Wucher Real Estate


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