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2021 Promotional Video

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Greetings Human!

Tink, the Robot here! My friends at Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District and the Pleasant Hill library have teamed up again this year to bring you the FREE Tinkers & Thinkers Virtual Innovation Faire on Saturday, September 18, 2021! We hope you will join us again this year!


Due to the unpredictable pandemic conditions this fall and in an abundance of caution for families, Tinkers & Thinkers will be virtual again but with a few exciting twists and adjustments.

Here’s how to participate this year:

Step 1: Register
Register each participating child for the event here
You must pre-register to receive our special “Maker” box. The maker box is filled with all the components and materials needed to build the awesome S.T.E.M. projects. Projects are gear for builders, age 5+ yrs. Adult supervision is strongly recommended for younger children. Pssst...Don’t open the box until event day!


Step 2: Make Plans with Pod Pals

Make plans to gather safely with your small social pod (e.g. family members and/or “pod pals”) and build the S.T.E.M.-tastic projects together on Tinkers & Thinkers Saturday (9/18). Building outside together is encouraged (and lots more fun)!


Step 3: Pick Up Maker Box
Pick up your Maker box during the week before the event!

Monday-Friday, 9/13-9/17, 9:00-5:00 pm 
Pleasant Hill Community Center, 320 Civic Drive in Pleasant Hill

Step 4: Unbox Projects & Watch Videos!

Open boxes (surprise!) and get ready for some S.T.E.M.-tastic fun!

On Saturday (9/18) morning, pre-recorded videos will be posted on the "EventActivity Page" here on this site. Videos will include an event introduction plus individual instructions for each project. We will not be Zoom-ing live this year. This will allow participants to build projects at their own pace.

Step 5: Inspire Others
Show off your amazing creations with the community by sharing a photo of your pod mates and all your completed projects for a chance to win S.T.E.M. prizes! Look for the submission link here on the day of the event. This will include a brief survey. Your feedback helps the Tinker Team make improvements each year.


Ready to tinker with us?! We are!


Happy Tinkering,

Tink, The Robot
Sheila Cotruvo, Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District

Patrick Remer, Pleasant Hill Library


Contract Sheila Cotruvo here

Event Activities

Participants of all ages will have an opportunity make fun S.T.E.M. hands-on projects from home and watch S.T.E.M. project presentations . Prepared to be WOW-ed!

Contact Us

Have a burning question about the universe or have a question after the event?


Please send us an email, we rarely bite.

Ready to tinker?!

Tink, the Robot here. My human friends at Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District and the Pleasant Hill Library are super excited to bring our award-winning Tinkers & Thinkers event you're here and interested in exploring Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) with hundreds of fellow S.T.E.M. builders in the community!

Here are a few quick instructions to get you started:

Below is a series of informational and instructional videos (10 total) to watch at your own pace and convenience. Videos feature one of my all-time favorite humans, Patrick Remer, our amazing Pleasant Hill Librarian. 
Start with Video #1: Welcome & Unboxing and then move on from there. You also don't want to miss Video #9: Prizes!  

Each Maker Box contains the parts you need to complete six individual projects for children age 5 yrs & up. Close adult supervision is strongly recommended for younger children. There are also a few surprises inside the box like a hidden rainbow with a secret code to crack! Did you find it?

Note: You will need tape and scissors to complete some projects which are not included in the box.

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