Event Activities

Get ready to tinker!
When you register for the event (registration not open yet), select the age-appropriate mystery box of hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities sure to spark your creativity and imagination!

Pick up your box prior to the 9/12 event at the temporary library location of Pleasant Hill City Hall.

More details will be forthcoming!

Get ready to think & tink! 
Marvel at the latest

mind-blowing innova-

tions and scientific

wonders from local makers, entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits and educators.  


Special Activities: 
Virtual Tour of Ace Monster Toys


Community Minecraft Build Room!

LEGO Build Room! 

Genius Presenters:

Diablo Valley College: MESA Program




Mike Meneghetti: Tornado Vortex and Smoke Ring Cannon 

Check back for more presenters!

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